«Price Hub» Media Market Benchmarking Software

Price hub is a media buying benchmarking software for media advertising analysts. The software fully supports the media buying analyst to design his client budget on yearly based distribution by organizing necessary information into smart matrices and automating multiple calculations, in order to identify the best media buying strategy. Additionally with the help of a set of powerful benchmarking process, he can evaluate the prices of a specific client vs. the prices of a pool of clients.

«Sword» Platform Accounting System

«Sword» platform is our software application designed to cover accounting organization needs for a wide spectrum of enterprises, providing multiple parameterization and adaptation choices and a comprehensive information system through its innovative features.

It was conceived and designed many years ago and continues to evolve today by development of new modules and improvement of existing ones.

Solution for Union “Saint Gerasimos”

The application we developed at year 2006, on behalf of the largest Greek stevedores union, is a solution that replaced a completely handwritten system of workflow operations with a modern computerized. The new system constists of workstations in a computer network and a plethora of software applications that was developed in order to face serious problems of delays and errors in the workflow as well as the lack of organised and fast information.

Data Centric Development Framework

An application framework consists of software used by developers to implement the standard structure and base functionality of an application for a specific development environment and/or application needs. Developers usually use object-oriented programming techniques to implement frameworks such that the unique parts of an application can simply inherit from pre-existing classes in the framework.