Our Method


If you have never heard about business projects or if you are just curious how we would implement your software project, this website is for you!

Preparing a good project is not only programming. It is a complex process that should lead to 100% success of the task.

Our method to develop a typical business application, is based on the “software development life cycle” as it is defined in software science, which the basic stages are as follows :

Software Development & Solutions

1. Analysis

At the very beginning we need to get to know your company, learn how you work, what goals you want to achieve and what plans you have. Then, we try to understand your business goals, your clients, we analyze your ideas and translate them into coherent creative strategy .

  • Analysis
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Problem Definition
  • Requirements Identification
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirement Specification
  • Validation & Approval

2. Design

When we have already learned everything about your goals we start designing solutions. We organize and order the data, we create hierarchy and relations between components of the data, we design the internal processes, user interaction and application output and reports .

  • Design
  • Business Rules & Modeling
  • Workflow Diagrams
  • Database Design
  • User Interface & Interaction
  • Internal & Intermediate Procedures
  • Reports Design
  • Validation & Approval

3. Programs Development

Programming, programming and once again programming! All guidelines from previous points are fulfilled. Programs and algorithms are written and coded, implementation of screens, dialogs and user interaction, business rules coding, implementation of database, reports and data outputs and of course the necessary test of all functional units of the software application .

  • Development
  • Business Rules Implementation
  • Data Models Coding
  • Physical Databases Implementation
  • Programs Coding
  • Interface Development
  • Reports & Output Procedures Development
  • Unit Tests & Validation

4. System Integration

At this stage we check if everything functions smooth and harmonious as system of programs, that is to say as completed application. We must ensure that the product that you take is free of errors and functions perfect. Many times during this phase important role plays our client who, with his active attendance at the test of application, contributes to the personalization and adaptation of final product at his needs . 

  • System Integration & Testing
  • Integration with IT infrastructure
  • Beta testing
  • Load balancing
  • Efficiency tests

5. Installation & Training

After the product is completed follows it’s installation to our client information system and the user training. Usually training is performed in a test environment before activating to full functional the production environment .

  • Installation & Training
  • Client Side Installation & Integration
  • Test Environment Setup
  • User Training
  • Production System Setup

6. Support & Improvement

May be the previous stage would be the last of the project, but not for us. Our support to the client is a fact by many ways, and not only. Support also concerns the application re-evaluation and check in order to modify and enhance it, due to requirements changes that arise in the passing of time. Such requirement changes are very often in Greece, like changes to the tax system, and they can break an application’s logic to full obsolete .

  • Support & Improvement
  • Optimization and Usefulness Tests
  • Analysis of Working Activity
  • Load & Stress Monitoring
  • Development & Improvement Projects
  • Administration

We approach each project as an individual one and the solutions we offer can be adapted depending on the circumstance. If you wish to learn how we can develop your own application, then do contact us!Contact us!