Database Design

A database is an organized collection of data for one or more purposes, usually in digital form. The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality, in a way that supports informational process needs. The design, construction and maintenance of a complex data base requires special skills and such skills are possessed by programmers and database administrators.

Software Development & Solutions

The vast majority of business applications such as, accountancy, maritime, trade, production etc manage and draw data from one or more data bases. Data are recorded in these via appropriate programs and queried by others in order to produce information like statistics and reports or in order to be converted and enriched producing new data and so on creating a new cycle of information.

Software Development & Solutions

In IMCS when we deal with business applications and data bases, very simply to say, we are in our territory. The majority of software we are developing deals with data bases, their design as basic element of the application and the implementation of data entry programs that feed data, convert elements of information and produce intermediate and final information from them .

Any data base design we realise, either concerning small or big data base, is integrated into the general analysis and design of the application which is called to serve specific business objectives .

A well structured data base designed:

  • using international models of normalization in order to produce logical units exempted from pointless repetitions of elements
  • with the choice of open architecture in order to be expandable and useful from a pleiad of applications and
  • with “intelligent structures” in mind so to decreased in minimal level the need of elements transformation by the application and querying of information to be a simple and fast process.

Our objective is creating “intelligent structures” of data which in combination with open architecture give multifaceted possibilities of exploitation of their elements and production of information.