10 reasons to choose us

1. Above all? We do listen

Your application or service is a key investment, so we listen closely to what you have to say. Starting from your story we will make an analysis and formulate at least one clear proposal. By doing so, we will be able to successfully provide what you really need .

2. We keep our promises

And much more? We scan each project, large or small, for improvements and present you with suggestions and different points of view. We think with you and we want to exceed your expectations .

3. We are experienced

Working with IMCS means working with professionals who have many years of experience at their subject-software development. We share our experience and integrate it with your project .

4. Always available

You can count on us. A question or a remark? Just pick up the phone. We are always available to help, advise and guide you .

5. Your success is our success

It is essential for us that your software supports and reinforces your business goals. Only then are we contributing to your (and our) success. Satisfied clients are our best advertisements .

6. No nonsense, only facts

You know what to expect, when to expect it and for what price. Complete proposals, strict time schedule and clear charges with no hidden costs .

7. We believe...

We believe in functionality, attribution of investment and effectiveness. It is obvious, such software that provides it’s user with these is a success story for him and the advertisement for us .

8. We do not believe...

ΣThe moto “client is always right”. Unconventional, but in software business, client choices that we acknowledge by our experience that do not fit his needs or may result to issues in the future, we consider it an obligation to point them out. Regardless of any impact to us !

9. Targeted solutions

We closely cooperate with our client in order to implement the solution he really needs, free of unnecessary services that raise the cost of the investment with no corresponding attribution of investment .

10. Reasonable price

Based on your needs and budget, we prepare a price offer for you. You know exactly how much you will have to pay and what you will be paying for, no surprises .